Debottlenecking is the process of improving a facility's efficiency by identifying any rate-limiting areas within the process or the equipment. Remediation of these bottlenecks or ultimatley optimizing them will increase the overall capacity of the facility and allow more throughput which in turn maximizes profitability. Therefore, Debottlenecking and Process Optimization are becoming more common place to increase production yield while decreasing cost and downtime. The ultimate goal is to increase the existing facility's production capability by making changes to handle the extra capacity while at a fraction of the cost it would take to build a new facility.
Debottlenecking a facility can be quite an ownerous task and requires specialists with the in-depth knowledge and epxerience of how the process is run, how the faciltiy operates and how the equipment works. Most facilities have opportunities for optimization, however, it takes experiecned personnel to identify these opportunities and review the advantages against the operational challenges presented in each individual brownfield application. 
Asset, Optimization, Debottlenecking, Study, improving, facility, efficiency, consultant, management, process, increase, existing, production
Asset, Optimization, Debottlenecking, Study, improving, facility, efficiency, consultant, management, process, increase, existing, production
At Dragon Deepwater our debottlenecking and process optimization consultants perform a methodical approach to identify and tackle the problem of debottlenecking as it is often a challenging process to find the right solution for a particular facility. Our method involves a comphensive review of the original engineering design of the facility, its current capacity and ongoing day to day operations to maintain production. Through good planning, management, effective technical solutions and a low cost and fast tracked execution we can bring about major benefits to an existing facility. 

Our appraoch typically comprises the following:
    - Our consultants have a comprehensive knowledge & understanding of process fundamentals.
    - Manage / Perform a complete review of the facility's original design.
    - Manage/ Perform a complete review of  any / all process modifications to the original design
    - Manage / Perform a complete review of  facility operations
    - Manage a feasibility study
    - Conduct Troubleshooting
    - Conduct a methodical approach to the probelm(s) identified.
    - Identify simple effective technical solutions
    - Conduct Effective Planning and Management for each of the execution stages.
    - Conduct a low cost and fast track execution.
    - Manage facility test runs after each stage to ensure the performance of the completed stage.
    - Manage / Review Regulatory Requirements

If you would like to discuss debottlenecking and process optimization with one of our subject matter experts, please contact us by completing the online form on the contact us page or email us directly at [email protected] to find out out how we can be of service to you.