Dragon Subsea Systems are designed in line with the offshore environment. Our products are simple and effective with a strong focus on ease of operational maintenance while providing high quality equipment to extend uptime. Our offshore consultants were fully engaged during the design process to ensure that we met the requirements of the industry and our field engineers. We take pride in our products and constantly strive to ensure that they exceed our clients' expectations. 

The Dragon Subsea Systems' design is fully dual redundant so that we can perform regular maintenance to ensure the continued health of our system. The continuous safe operation during maintenance means that we continue to produce while ensuring the longevity of our equipment.

The Dragon Subsea Systems' Electrical Power Unit and Test Equipment were specifically designed in accordance with the  industry standards, with operations input from our consultants and with feedback from operators.  This allowed us to optimize our design, reduce the installation and commissioning time required for these systems offshore, which in turn reduced the  overall cost to our customers. The dual redundant modular design and construction allows a dynamic approach to fit any project needs. Whether it is for Installation and Workover Control Systems (IWOCS) or Subsea Production Systems (SPS), our equipment was designed for quick integration with your Platform DCS, PCS, SIS, MCS or to simply stand alone to provide the power and monitoring you need.

The Dragon Subsea Systems' Electrical Test Equipment was designed for mobile field use. It has a rugged design that stands up to the harsh environment required for IWOCS applications, during Extended Factory Acceptance Testing (EFAT) or Systems Integration Testing (SIT) on location. It was designed to cover a wide range of scenarios and requirements from supplying Electrical Power to Subsea Control Modules, testing Analog and Digital Sensors, Chemical Metering Valves or simply used for Tree or Umbilical SIT's. Our cost effective rugged design will provide you with the power you need wherever you need it.